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SOS fundraiser trek

If you are hoping to contribute directly to the plight of the Sumatran orangutan then please read on.

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Sumatran Orangutan Society


In association with the Sumatran Orangutan Society we invite you to join the SOS fundraiser trek. With less than 6,600 surviving in the wild, it is predicted that the Sumatran orangutan will be the first Great Ape species to become extinct if current trends continue. The Sumatran Orangutan Society works with local communities living alongside orangutan habitat, helping them work towards a more sustainable future for their forests. A proportion of the cost of the trek will be donated to the charity, to allow it to continue its vital work with the Orangutans and their habitat in Sumatra.

This trek is designed to give you a taste of life in the jungle: trekking and camping in the forest, taking part in an elephant trek, visiting a local Karo tribe village, tubing, swimming in hot springs, and as its highlight, a visit to the Bohorok Orangutan Centre where you will be able to see these beautiful creatures swing through the trees.


Schedule as follows:

•  Day One

Arrive in Medan.

You will visit the Sumatran Orangutan Society's project headquarters to hear a presentation about the organisation's work to save the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan and its habitat. You will then travel to Bukit Lawang where there will be time to check into your accommodation and soak up the tranquil atmosphere of the awe-inspiring surroundings of the Bohorok River . You can enjoy the rest of the day acclimatising and relaxing after your journey , or if there is time you may like to visit the forest to see the Orangutan feeding in the afternoon.

•  Day Two - Trek day one

Before setting off on the first day of the trek, you will visit the orangutan feeding in the morning a fantastic opportunity to see ex-captive orangutans living wild in the forest. The next four days will be spent trekking to Tangkahan through the jungle, a unique way to experience life in the rainforest. The terrain will be steep, but the views will be spectacular, and there will be plenty of stops to allow you to acclimatise to the landscape.

On the trek you will be taught jungle survival skills: setting up camps, making fires, fishing, finding jungle food and medicine and cooking jungle food so that you can be totally independent from the creature comforts you may be used to!

•  Day Three - Trek day two

As you roam deeper into the rainforest, your chances of encountering wildlife increase. You may hear gibbons singing in the morning, and see magnificent hornbills swooping overhead. Keep your eyes peeled for orangutans they are surprisingly tricky to spot! Your guides will point out a variety of wildlife and plant species. You will spend your second night camping in the forest.

•  Day Four Trek day three

Your third day of trekking will see you walking through an oil palm plantation these plantations are now the greatest threat to orangutan habitat, as forest is cleared to produce palm oil. You will notice the endless rows of palm trees reaching right to the border of the national park, and the complete lack of wildlife; it is rare to even hear birdsong in the plantations. You will camp in the plantation this evening.

•  Day Five Trek day four

Pack up camp and leave the area just as you found it. Time to get those sore muscles stretched and any blisters covered so that you are prepared for your last day of trekking. Today you will spend around 4 hours navigating your way through the jungle.

You will arrive in the beautiful village of Tangkahan in the afternoon and spend the night at Mega Inn, where some good food, cold drinks and a real bed await you!

• Day Six

This morning you can take the weight off your feet and climb astride an elephant. This one hour trek will show you the jungle from a loftier viewpoint, and with elephants able to get closer to the wild animals of the jungle than we are, it may be a good time to get your camera out.

You will cross the Tangkahan river before dismounting and helping the mahouts wash the elephants in the river. The elephants are part of a Conservation Response Unit, conducting illegal logging patrols in the National Park. You will then tube down the river back to Mega Inn.

You will visit a local village school to meet some of the children and community members who will benefit from eco-tourism in the area. The rest of the afternoon can be spent swimming in the river, visiting a nearby jungle waterfall and hot springs , or relaxing on the pebble beach, watching for macaques in the trees around you.

Your last night will be spent staying at Mega Inn.

•  Day Seven

Return by private transportation back to Medan, then on to your international flight.


Is it for you?

This is a physically demanding trek so you need to be fit and adventurous, prepared to trek in hot and humid conditions for several hours a day, happy to carry all your own kit and sleep in on the jungle floor. You will have to live gadget free for the time you are there and live amongst all the other inhabitants of a tropical rainforest (spiders, snakes, leeches etc). You need to have an interest in wildlife and conservation.

Costs per person

To take part in this trek you need to raise a minimum £1,000 GBP / $1,450 USD / 2,200 AUD. This will cover the costs of in-country transport, food and accommodation; it is also used to pay your local guides. The remaining funds raised will be used to support SOS and their programmes in Sumatra.


Flights and Insurance


For more information about this expedition please, email: helen@orangutans-sos.org or call the SOS UK office : +44 (0)1865 403341.

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