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  7 day trek across the border from Aceh to north Sumatra
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Join us for a spectacular trek across the jungle border between Aceh and North Sumatra. View stunning scenery off the tourist trail and feel a true sense of achievement on completing our most physically challenging expedition so far.

Ascending a mountain on day one is just the beginning of this adventure. Experience true remoteness and abandonment in beautiful primary rainforest as far as the eye can see. Leave all cares and worries behind you and absorb nature at its purest.

Our highly experienced guides are alert to the tracks and signs of wildlife. You may be lucky enough to see the Sumatran Elephant in the wild as well as wild orangutans, gibbons, various monkeys, wild pig and deer regularly spotted in this region. We can extend the number of days spent on the trek to build in time for relaxing and soaking in the jungle tranquillity.

(The route and duration of the trek may vary according to the time of year and weather conditions)

•  Day One

Trek orientation in Medan / Bukit Lawang. Travel by private transportation through Berastagi to Kutacane in Aceh. Stop for lunch in Berastagi. Arrive around 8pm in Kutacane for dinner and accommodation with our local village friends.

•  Day Two

Wake early for breakfast and ascend Lumut Mountain. Arrive late afternoon 500 metres below the summit for our river camp in the valley below. Get into warm, cosy clothes for evening camp meal and spectacular views of Southern Aceh and the winding Alas river below.

•  Day Three

Trek to the summit of Lumut Mountain in wondrous misty mountain views. Descend the mountain to camp next to the Berkail river.

•  Day Four–Seven

Trekking alongside and through the Berkail river with the help of our guides. Take lunch by waterfalls, catch fish for dinner, play cards and scrabble in the evenings. Camping out under the stars makes for an authentic jungle experience.

•  Day Eight

Final day of trekking. Ascend the Meranti mountain before reaching our expedition base. Put on some clean clothes, enjoy a local massage and prepare for a well deserved end of trek party.

Who is this trek suitable for?

As well as a sense of adventure, an average to high level of physical fitness is required for this expedition. Conditions can be hot and at times exhausting in a tropical, rainforest climate. The terrain is sometimes steep and deeply forested.

This is not an expedition for the faint hearted or those looking for jungle luxury.

We camp together every night under the same tent and you will be washing in the river to keep clean. Don't expect to return with any clean clothes!

You might find it useful to do a short 1 day practice trek before you embark on this expedition. Please allow extra days if you wish us to organise a practice trek.

Contact us for more information.



Necessary Equipment:

•  Sturdy walking boots or shoes

•  Sports sandals or flip flops for river walking

•  Sheet or light weight sleeping bag

•  Optional ground/inflatable mat. One will be provided if necessary.

•  Insect repellent

•  Trousers (not jeans) and if possible long sleeved top(s)

•  Night time / camp clothing for relaxing in.

•  Head torch.

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