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  1 day visit to the Orangutan feeding platform in Bukit Lawang
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Until 1996 Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra was the location of an Orangutan rehabilitation centre. The centre was forced to close its doors to new arrivals because the centre could not accommodate the ever growing number of Orangutans. Later conservation strategies recommended against the re-introduction of ex-captives into wild populations, due to the threat of disease. The Orangutans rehabilitated in this period and their off-spring still remain in the jungle around Bukit Lawang.

A feeding platform was built in the jungle to aid their survival in the wild. The feeding platform was recently closed by the National Park, but many of the semi wild orangutans still reside in the area around the old feeding platform. A one to two hour trek around this area usually enables some sightings of the semi wild orangutans and possibly some wild orangutans if a wild male is following a female.



•  Early morning pick up from Medan airport or guesthouse by privately chartered car or bus.

•  After a brief rest and some refreshments set off with the guide to trek around the old feeding platform area. Try and spot some semi wild orangutans foraging in their natural habitat as well as other wildlife such as gibbons and thomas leaf monkeys. The guide will teach you about the flora and fauna of the National Park (1-2 hour trek).

•  Stop by the river or at a high point to take in some beautiful views whilst enjoying a picnic lunch.

•  Return to the village, clean up at a guesthouse and journey 3-4 hours back to Medan

(Itinerary may alter according to your pick up time from Medan. It is also possible for us to arrange for you to spend a night a Bukit Lawang guesthouse. Please contact us for more information)

Overnight trekking

For a more authentic jungle experience we can arrange for you to trek and camp in the jungle for 1 night or more if you wish.

Durations and costs are flexible according to group size. Please contact us for more information.

With thanks to Nicola Tignonsini for allowing us to use his beautiful orangutan images. His book ĎAngels in the Forest ' is available to buy from SOS (Save Orangutan Society). All profits go to SOS.

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Responsible Tourism

Expedition Jungle follows a strict code of non contact with the orangutans. Getting too close to an orangutan increases the risk of passing on disease and viral infection, which jeopardises the semi wild orangutans chances of survival and in turn the health and survival of the wild orangutan population in this area.

We ask our guests to keep at least 10 metres away and to move away if an orangutan approaches.

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